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            'Pretty cheap cash'

            Jeff Bezos invades the swamp as ..
            Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are preparing for all-out war with Washington ..
            Nancy Pelosi: "the era of self-regulation is over"

            Trudeau wants mano-a-mano with Xi
            Trudeau's unrequited love for China
            Rethinking Security: China and the Age of Strategic Rivalry

            Arrested in 2018 ..
            Extradition hearing for Meng Wanzhou set for early 2020
            Huawei accuses US of political motivation/a>

            Two Canadian women kidnapped from golf club in Ghana

            What should Pelosi do about Trump ?

            Trump boys go wild in the Emerald Isle

            As pretenders position for power ..
            Theresa May officially steps down as UK Tory leader

            Reckless in Riyadh

            Secret photos of Assange behind bars

            Music legend Dr John dead at 77

            a year of 'cuts 'n changes'
            Doug Ford's whirlwind 'lightning speed' year

            Bills C-48 & C-69 ..
            Senate slaps down its own committee and C-48 lives on
            Trudeau Senators save BC oil tanker ban bill from defeat

            Oilpatch downturn has cost Calgary $300M in tax revenue
            from downtown offices now sitting empty

            Feds urge Twitter to take more responsibility for
            content as election approaches

            Morneau's hasty/risky bill to protect the steel industry

            Inuit plan says climate change can't be separated
            from social issues

            Toronto school board says leave your cap on for anthem

            Naked shark tank swimmer working as fishing guide

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